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Pengertian Sinyal Audio

Pengertian Sinyal Audio


An audio signal is a representation of sound waves in different forms. Usually this is the electrical voltage, but this signal can be expressed through alternative media such as magnetic particles, when recorded on analog tape, or as an RF wave, when broadcast over the radio, or even as light pulses, when the transmission through optical fiber cable such as TOSLINK. An audio signal can be manipulated, stored, transmitted and reproduced in a way that sound waves can not.

Microphones convert sound pressure waves into electrical voltage audio signal. Therefore you find the microphone sensitivity is millivolts per pascal.Loudspeakers or headphones convert electrical audio signal into sound. Although many of their original audio signal as sound waves, the device like a synthesizer designed to create an audio signal.Electrical energy flowing through the circuit as a voltage. Opposition to the impedance voltage. Impedance is measured in ohms. To measure the electrical energy in the audio signal, the decibel is used in conjunction with power (dBm) or voltage (or dBV dBu and dBV). dBm at first used, but no longer as popular as other units.Signal Flow

Signal flow is a term used to describe the audio signal path will take from the source (microphone) to the speakers or recording device.It is most often in the recording studio environment, where the signal flow is often very long and convoluted as the electrical signals can pass through many parts of the analog console, the external audio equipment, and even different rooms.Digital Signal

Digital audio signals are sent over the wire can use several formats including optical (ADAT, TDIF), coaxial (S / PDIF), XLR (AES / EBU), and ethernet, especially for large digital audio consoles.Like many analog audio equipment have been replicated in digital form, usually through the development of audio plug-ins for Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software such as Pro Tools or Logic, the audio signal and the current term signal is also used to describe the way digital information via the DAW (egof an audio track through plug-ins, aux sends and buses, and out the output hardware).

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